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The DEC website is in English, but is also designed to allow access of information in several languages, including those of the original collection country of origin. Currently the main page is available in several languages, see the links below. If you would like to help provide translations of pages, please see the section Translation.

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Note initial translations are automated (google) and I would ask contributors to improve any poorly translated pages they may identify.

If you would like to help provide translations of pages please use the following rules.

Translate from English

If the page currently exists in English, then the translated page should be given the same name in the other language, prefixed by the 2 letter code followed by a colon (except Catalan that has a 3 letter code). The only exception is the main page, which is identified in other languages with this prefix, but the page name " (e.g.|Deutsch,|Español,|Català,|Français,

Please note that when translations are available for website elements, this may require updating of other language pages that currently link to the English versions with the new language link.

Language 2 letter Code
English no code letter
German De:
Spanish Es:
Catalan Cat:
French Fr:
Japanese Jp:
There are also navigation templates that should be added at the top (header) and bottom (footer) of each page. Note that when translations are available for these navigation elements, the template should be updated to the new language link.

  • German - {{De:Header}} , {{De:Footer}}
  • Spanish - {{Es:Header}} , {{Es:Footer}}
  • Japanese - {{Jp:Header}} , {{Jp:Footer}}
  • French - {{Fr:Header}} , {{Fr:Footer}}

New Page in a Different Language

If the page currently does not exist in English, then the new page should be given the best description in that language, prefixed by the language 2 letter code followed by a colon (except Catalan that has a 3 letter code). If possible also provide an English version of the page, or if you would like one generated please contact Dr Mark Hill.

Page Translations

Summary of pages with alternate languages.

Page English German Spanish Catalan Japanese French
Main page Main Page
Embryo collections Embryo Collections De:Embryo Sammlungen Es:Colecciones embriológicas Cat:col·leccions d'embrions Jp:胚コレクション Fr:Collections d'embryons
Blechschmidt Collection Blechschmidt Collection De:Blechschmidt Sammlung
Kyoto Collection Kyoto Collection Jp:京都コレクション

Uploaded Files

Uploaded files should have their name in English and additional translations added to their summary boxes. Do not upload multiple copies of the same image in different languages.

Example Images

Div Id

Navigation should appear directly under the file title in the summary box.

[[#English|English]] | [[#Deutsche|Deutsche]] | [[#Español|Español]] | [[#日本語|日本語]] | [[#Français|Français]]

  • English - <div id="English"></div>
  • German - <div id="Deutsche"></div>
  • Spanish - <div id="Español"></div>
  • Catalan - <div id="Català">
  • Japanese - <div id="日本語"></div>
  • French - <div id="Français"></div>

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