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Ome-logo-400.png DEC OMERO Server
DEC Users (June 2017) 
Contact Mark Hill DEC Image Server DEC OMERO training manual (PDF)

Image Server Update - Feb 2020
We are currently updating server version to OMERO 5.5.1 Image server may be unavailable during this process.

Image Server Update - June 2019
We are currently updating server version to OMERO 5.5. Image server may be unavailable during this process.

A standard OMERO user just needs to download the client package with the same major version as their institutional server (e.g. 5.3.0 clients will connect to 5.3.5 servers but not to 5.4.0 servers). Full instructions for installation are on the help site.

Image Server Update - January 2019
MarkHill (talk) 11:11, 29 January 2019 (AEDT) Power failure in University shutdown server. We are checking database before restarting DEC server.
January 2019 - DEC Server upgraded (OMERO 5.4.9), tested and back online.

MarkHill (talk) 14:06, 16 January 2019 (AEDT)

Image Server Update - Oct 2017
Dear DEC Users - Software has been updated to Omero Server (version 5.4). You will be able to access the database with your web browser as before.

To upload new images you will need to download and install the latest version of OMERO.Insight (5.4.0).

MarkHill (talk) 12:07, 11 October 2017 (AEDT)

Image Server Update - Apr 2017
Dear DEC Users - Software is currently being updated to Omero Server (version 5.3, announcement). During this period there will be numerous times that the image server will be unavailable. I apologise for any inconvenience. I will be sending an email to all users when installation and testing has been completed.

OMERO 5.3 release - JPGXR announcement

MarkHill (talk) 10:24, 21 April 2017 (AEST)

The collection scanned images are currently available as a test site with only a few sample images loaded. There is no unregistered user access available to the server. All users must apply for an account and agree to abide by our access and reuse conditions before being issued a user account. Individual user accounts currently only have access to specific folders. Access to other collection folders can be managed through user rights management.

User Help - Image Server Log in  |   DEC Log in

For server issues, access problems or account requests, please contact Dr Mark Hill.

Ome-logo-400.png DEC OMERO Server
DEC Users (June 2017) 
Contact Mark Hill DEC Image Server DEC OMERO training manual (PDF)
DEC Image database (Jun2017)

Collections have been organised into folders named approximately after the original collection name or location.

Apply for DEC Account

For DEC user account requests, please contact Dr Mark Hill.

Agreement to the following "terms of use" are required either in writing or by email using your official institutional letterhead or email address and signature. Please make special note of conditions 1 and 2 concerning image reuse. Failure to comply with the "terms of use" will result in immediate suspension of user account database access without notice.

Terms of Use

By using the DEC OMERO Server, you agree to the following:

  1. You agree to the specific conditions set by each collections terms of image reuse, publication and copyright.
  2. Reuse of images from multiple collections requires approval from each collection.
  3. You use this service at your own risk, and we provide NO GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY WHATSOEVER regarding uptime, security, data provenance or access, or any other service.
  4. You should not use the DEC OMERO Server as a repository for any important data, or data that must be held in any secure or specific way.
  5. The responsibility for any data loaded onto the DEC OMERO Server is entirely your own.
  6. We reserve the right to remove any images, data, accounts or other data or structure without notice or request.
  7. We welcome comments or ideas from your use of and experience with the DEC OMERO Server.

OMERO Image Server Log In

Only registered users can log in and edit the OMERO website.
  1. Click on image server (menu at top of each page).
  2. This opens the DEC Omero Server information page.
  3. Click on the text link "DEC Omero Server"
  4. Log in screen then opens, fill in your "User Name" and "Password" (supplied by email).
  5. Click "Login", will open the database in your user view.
  6. Access projects and images in the folders shown on the left.
  7. Access your user information at the top righthand corner.

The animation below shows the above text described process.

OMERO Training Manual

20 July 2017 - Please note error on Page 4 of training manual the server address to enter should be not the full web address shown in the original manual ( My apologies for this error.

Please read the DEC OMERO training manual before uploading images to the test version of the image server.

Manual PDF

2017 Test Image Link

This only in a trial, final database will vary from this draft structure.

  • Folder - Each embryo has own folder (with the original embryo name as it exists in your collection).
  • Project Details - CRL in mm and total number of slides available (from catalogue).
  • Tag - Plane of embryo section (Sagittal, Frontal, Transverse).


Locally uploaded image samples.


Selected slides form the Blechschmidt Collection are available for registered user access. Please advise me if you are unable to see the linked files below following log-in.


OMERO is client-server software for visualization, management and analysis of biological microscope images. © 2000-2016 University of Dundee & Open Microscopy Environment. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License OME source code is available under the GNU General public license or through commercial license from Glencoe Software.

Version - OMERO.web 5.0.8-ice35.

Software Download

Dear DEC Users - Log below shows currently updated Omero Server software version.

Image Uploader/Insight Software

OMERO Server has recently been updated to version 5.4 (announcement). The associated software suite has also been updated to this new version and should be used to upload your image files. Use the links below to download and install from the original source.

Download Page


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