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! Language
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! 2 letter Code
! 2 letter Code

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This resource, human-embryology.org, is the website of the Digital Embryology Consortium.

Draft page - notice removed when completed. No unregistered user can edit this site or the linked image database. MediaWiki Help page

No unregistered user can edit this site or the linked database. [MediaWiki Help page]

This page will eventually contain help information about using the site and accessing the image database. Currently it just holds useful site wiki code.

Wiki Code Shortcuts


See also information about Semantic MediaWiki.

  • s part of Embryo Collections [[is part of Embryo Collections::Blechschmidt Collection]]

Interlanguage Links

Currently only the main page is available in a variety of languages. These are accessed by the flag links at the bottom of the main page.

If you intend to add content to the Wiki in a language, other than English, please use the 2 letter language code in front of the page name.

Language 2 letter Code
English no code letter
German De:

This site does not use the Wiki Interlanguage links solution.

Page Templates

  • {{Footer}} - Currently just shows common pages on site but can be used for anything that you want to appear on all pages. Added at the bottom of pages.
  • {{Draft page}} - Added to pages that are incomplete or placeholders until content added. This notice should be removed when the page is considered completed.

Useful Code

Collapsible Table 
The   moves the Expand//Collapse button away from the text.
text "FAF5FF"
dark green "A3BFB1"
light green "F5FFFA"
light grey "FCFCFC"
light grey "FCFCFC"
light blue "F5FAFF"
dark blue "CEDFF2"
dark purple "DDCEF2"
light purple "FAF5FF"
yellow "FFCC00"

Insert YouTube Video

Set the size you wish to appear on the page and use the 13 character code for the video. Here is an example on this site.

<html5media width="560" height="315">https://www.youtube.com/embed/9-JEmlH2DEg</html5media>

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