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Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) lets you store and query data within the wiki's pages. The Semantic Web is an extension of the Web where data is given explicit meaning.

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Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is an extension of MediaWiki that helps to search, organise, tag, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content. While traditional wikis contain only text which computers can neither understand nor evaluate, SMW adds semantic annotations that allow a wiki to function as a collaborative database. Semantic MediaWiki was first released in 2005, and currently has over ten developers, and is in use on hundreds of sites. In addition, a large number of related extensions have been created that extend the ability to edit, display and browse through the data stored by SMW: the term "Semantic MediaWiki" is sometimes used to refer to this entire family of extensions.

Here is an example of a semantic statement and link:

Semantic MediaWiki code page


Extensions allow the addition of special functionality to a Wiki site.


Can be used to centralize the management of citation resources and foster the reuse of references stored within a wiki. Supported features include:

  • Self-added and customizable reference list
  • Individual property annotation and text formatting rules
  • In-text reference tooltip
  • Bibtex record import support
  • Metadata retrieval from selected providers (PubMed, CrossRef etc.)


The Semantic Glossary extension lets you define terms and abbreviations together with a definition. Whenever a term or abbreviation is hovered over in an article its definition is displayed.

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