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Francisco Orts-Llorca
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Complutense University of Madrid, Institute of Embryology.

Prof. Jose Francisco Rodriguez Vazquez.

The collection was started in 1935 by Professor Orts-Llorca (1905-1993) after its embryological formation in Paris with Henri Rouviere (1875-1952), in Brussels with Albert Dalcq (1893-1973), in Vienna with Alfred Fischel (1868-1938) and Munich with Walter Vogt (1888-1941) and Johannes Holtfreter (1901 - 1992). Professor Orts-Llorca was in Valencia during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and then in Cádiz (1939-1953) where he continued his collection of human embryos. In 1954 he was named full professor at the Central University of Madrid (Complutense current) enriching its collection (Orts-Llorca, 1984). In 1977 he was succeeded by Professor Juan Jiménez-Collado (1932) who incorporated his own embryo collection and was also founding head of Complutense Institute of Embryology (1980). The current head of the Institute of Embryology is Professor Jose Francisco Rodriguez Vazquez.

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