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Newcastle University
Prof. Susan Lindsay
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Prof. Susan Lindsay, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University.

The MRC-Wellcome Trust Human Developmental Biology Resource (HDBR) is organised from two sites: the Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle, and the Institute of Child Health, London. The HDBR is an ongoing collection of human embryonic and fetal material ranging from 3 to 20 weeks of development.

The HuDSeN project has created a series of 3D virtual models which form the framework for an Electronic Atlas of the Developing Human and a Gene Expression Database.


Dianne Gerrelli, Steven Lisgo, Andrew J Copp, Susan Lindsay Enabling research with human embryonic and fetal tissue resources. Development: 2015, 142(18);3073-6 PubMed 26395135

Janet Kerwin, Yiya Yang, Paloma Merchan, Subrot Sarma, Jessica Thompson, Xunxian Wang, Juan Sandoval, Luis Puelles, Richard Baldock, Susan Lindsay The HUDSEN Atlas: a three-dimensional (3D) spatial framework for studying gene expression in the developing human brain. J. Anat.: 2010, 217(4);289-99 PubMed 20979583

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