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Postal Address:

Museum für Naturkunde

Leibniz Institute for Research on Evolution and Biodiversity at the Humboldt University Berlin

Dr. Peter Giere

Invalidenstr. 43

10115 Berlin


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December Scanning

5 Dec

  • File naming - ZMB_EMB_[Object#]__[collection]_[Slide#]
    • does not require any additional coding for online database.

4 Dec

  • Scanner setup (room N5405)
  • Ralf Compart - Zeiss Berlin

Ralf Compart Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH Service Deutschland / Außendienst Telefon/Phone: +49 1803336335 Mobil: +49 1712247121 mailto:

July 2017‎

  • Catalogue - 1467 Human Slides
  • Summer Student - "Fröhlich, Ronja" <>
  • PhD Student - "Lächele, Ulla" <>

Embryological Collection - File names


Note after [Object#]__ is a double underscore.

For example - ZMB_EMB_Tupaia278a__HubrechtCollection_8-4-1_2-5x_head.tif

4 July Email

--MarkHill (talk) 17:22, 4 July 2017 (AEST) Email sent Peter and Ulla.

Please find below a list of useful links for the DEC project.

Main DEC start page -

Your Collection Information Page -

Peter you also have log in access rights to this page and can add any content you would like, there will be a separate page showing catalogue information and additional specific embryo information pages with low resolution screenshots, added to this website to help identify database content.

DEC Image Server Information page -

DEC Image Server Log in page -

OMERO Software download page -;O=A

1. OMERO.importer for Windows -

This program allows you to login (using your supplied user name and password) and upload locally any images. Please feel free to upload any images (photos etc) to test the process.

2. OMERO.insight for windows -

This program allows you to also upload images, but also allows download of images from the online database.

3 July General Information

--MarkHill (talk) 10:30, 3 July 2017 (AEST)

  • Hubrect, Hill & Gruneberg - 309 human

Digital World and Information Science From 30 million collection objects to networked research

  • Bernhard Schurian - Digitalisierung 2D 3D - Digitisation project (hands on)

Tel.: +49 30 2093 8422 Fax : +49 30 2093 8814


Museum fuer Naturkunde Berlin Leibniz-Institut fuer Evolutions- und Biodiversitaetsforschung Invalidenstr. 43 D - 10115 Berlin



Collection Photographic Information

On small black WD Elements HDD 2TB - MHBerlin

  • Axioskop Leica DFC490 slide scans are top to bottom. Early slide scans are RL while later scans are LR.
  • Original TIFF image files (W3264 x H2448) are located in folders by date (MDY) on CNB 1TB FAT format miniHD.
  • Museum backup of all images on Peter Giere external drive by scan date.
  • Image file name format - Catalogue number - slide - magnification - file number
  • TIFF (24MB) images converted to JP2000 lossless format (6MB) using Photoshop CS6.
  • JP2000 images are located in folders by specimen number on WD Elements 2TB Mac format imini HD.
  • JP2000 images imported to iPhoto 11 version 9.5 libraries by collection name.
  • Scale bar images located with each library.
  • Drawer and slide photographs from iPad and iPhone cameras.
  • Text descriptions of image files stored as iPad notes.
  • Notes and photographs scanned by Canon scanner using Apple Image Capture (version 6.3) software.

Scale Bars - Axioskop Leica DFC490

Original TIFF and JP200 image location

/Volumes/MHBerlin/Berlin2013/Scale Bars-Axioskop Leica DFC490