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Blechschmidt model collection room.jpg
Blechschmidt model collection room
Blechschmidt embryo slides

University of Göttingen, Germany.

Prof. Christoph Viebahn (Head of Embryology Department).

Eric Blechschmidt (1904 – 1992)

Prof. Eric Blechschmidt (1904 – 1992)

The Blechschmidt Collection, named for Erich Blechschmidt (1904 – 1992), developed methods of human embryo reconstruction from serial sections and generated large models describing the embryonic period of human development.[1] The models include whole surface views as well as detailed views of embryo internal structures.

The collection consists of 64 models and from about 120 human embryos approximately 200,000 serial sections. Some of these embryo serial section sets were incorporated in 1972 into the Carnegie Collection (assigned Carnegie Nos. 10315-10434), but have since been returned to the University of Göttingen. Note the alternate spelling for Göttingen in English is Goettingen.

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Collection Scanning

This collection has been the first of the DEC to be scanned and has been a testbed for the equipment, slide preparation and associated documentation. Based upon these results we have now developed a set of standard protocols for future collection scanning. My special thanks to Hannes Sydow, who has been involved with the many technical aspects of collection scanning.

Anatomische Gesellschaft Gottingen poster2016.jpg Blechschmidt collection HDD.jpg
Anatomische Gesellschaft (Gottingen 2016) Blechschmidt collection HDD

2017 Test Image Link

Selected slides form the Blechschmidt Collection are available for registered user access. Please advise me if you are unable to see the linked files below following log-in.

This only in a trial, final database will vary from this draft test structure. Current total database size of Blechschmidt trial 39.22 GB.

  • Folder - Each embryo has own folder with the original embryo name (date).
  • Project Details - CRL in mm and total number of slides available (from catalogue).
  • Tag - Plane of embryo section (Sagittal, Frontal, Transverse). Collection name (Blechschmidt).
  • Slide - Slide number as described in file name (Trial - Not all scanned slides are currently uploaded).


Slide template image

Embryo Examples


11 mm frontal - 29 slides total 76 (1951-09-01)


This is the macro image JPG of slide003 in this set. Directly exported to desktop from database, It has not been modified.

Direct link to slide in database - Slide003 macro image

1950 01 11 Slide 3.jpg


1950 04 20 Slide010.jpg

Slide 10


1950 11 28 Slide050.jpg

Slide 50


1950 12 08 Slide030.jpg

Slide 30

Slide 50

1950 12 08 Slide 050.jpg


1951 03 20 Slide010.jpg

Slide 10


1952 03 10 Slide002.jpg

Slide 2

1952 03 10 Slide050.jpg

Slide 50


1963_05_06 55 slides total

Slide 35

1963 05 06 Slide 35.jpg

University of Göttingen


  1. BLECHSCHMIDT & (1954) [Reconstruction method by using synthetic substances; a process for investigation and demonstration of developmental movements]. Z Anat Entwicklungsgesch ;118:170-4. PMID: 13227045.

Book - The prenatal developmental stages of man. An Introduction to Human Embryology. Karger, Basel 1960 (German-English parallel text).


PubMed - E. Blechschmidt  

Note - Publication list is sorted into chronological order and the square brackets indicate that these are published in German language.


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